#The Burning Cores#


🔘Now it’s gonna be a thousand year, since I’ve loved you dear. My heart’s here,crystal clear, waiting for you to come near.

🔘I miss your lips and your nose, pressing against mine,when you’d come close. Holding me a Red coloured Rose, Handing me with that dashing pose.

🔘It’s been days love,since we haven’t talked, wishing at times,to just let you’ve walked. BUT all I’m is surprisingly shocked, That your Love has got me here already locked!

🔘Nevertheless just like before, I know nothing about your core. Which might be craving to soar, Not for me; BUT for the one who’ll bring it to the shore.



A Passing Cloud!👤

“I was a beautiful girl of Fifteen,         but when you entered my life,I was of Sixteen.

Before that I was so much into Myself,                                                       but now I’m into you,more than you yourself.

Earlier,there wasn’t such feeling, so hard in Me;                                          IT’s so overpowering that it leads me into the deepest sea.

The water of this sea is so very cold,                                                            Colder than the ICE and Darker than the COAL.

BUT your presence is making it turn Warm!                                               Get away or something you’ll again see me Mourn!

Why did you come in my life,I question GOD.                                         I kept up with you ’cause I trusted that you weren’t fraud.

I knew those words were all FLIRTS,  ( BECAUSE you love someone else but not me).                                                             And yeah! I’ll fly out of your life like a  Wounded Bird.

Yes, I’ll fly away,out too Far;              Out of your life among those STARS.

And I’ll steadily turn into the same old Beautiful Young Lass,                    BUT this time of SIXTEEN;                      Happily singing that you were just  a Cloud to pass ! “


“THE PRAYER” (FOR HER AND ONLY HER)                                          OH!God, don’t give her any PAIN,  Don’t give her any more STRAIN.

WHEN she’ll be FINE,                            She’ll thank you ALL times.

For you SAVED her life,                        But now she’s ALRIGHT!

She NEVER GAVE pain,                         But unluckily she always GETS pain. 

She has never given anyone TROUBLE,                                                  BUT now why does she has to STRUGGLE! “

‘That day seemed bright when I woke up but that brightness had set so soon,I didn’t know. Me and my Aunt were getting ready to go to school. We lived in a small,cozy and beautiful town named Nainital in India! She was a teacher in my school. WE both, ready to leave…She wearing her Sea-Green Salwaar Sute with a Dupatta which was wrapped around her neck and I was in my usual school dress.Both of us singing funny classics.Lalaala!! We then hired a Rickshaw. She and I both sat on it, next to each other. After traveling a small distance, don’t know what went wrong, her pretty Sea-Green coloured Dupatta got stuck in the whirling wheels of the Rickshaw from one of it’s ends and the part wrapped around her neck squeezed and this time even tighter and with full force. I was looking around,enjoying the nature. Then suddenly; “


I stood hurriedly and drew my gaze back to her…she was on the verge of dying!

“Shits! Stoppp the rickshaw I cried…Bhaiyaa stop! stop!”

Everyone around came running towards us. She had already fainted due to lack of oxygen and no breathing. “HAWW! IMMEDIATELY TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL! GODS!! Fast!…..” Everyone cried. BUT at that moment I was all alone. I couldn’t carry her to the hospital alone. Then I called one of my Aunts friend, ‘Sir Neeraj’ After hearing about the incident he came immediately and took my Aunt to be admitted in the hospital!! Doctor said that she would have died if the rickshaw covered a little distance more and wasn’t stopped. BUT above all she was saved! I thank god for this. SO, in the evening sitting outside the hospital, watching her camly sleeping on that bed with that big circle surrounding her neck which was full of pus and was once bleeding badly ;that ugly painful circle around her neck was a result of the excessive tightening of that Jorjet Dupatta which was wrapping her clean long neck. Sitting out there quietly,thinking of everything that had happened with us and PRAYING THE AFORESAID PRAYER FOR HER AND ONLY HER!! 

Now she’s fine in fact perfect, sitting right next to me enjoying the winter sun. And till this date she heartily thank me for saving her life.BUT I instead thank god for it!! 


Who’s He!!🌍

[A short poem on God!]

 He pushes me up and curbs me down,

He lives right at the top of my Town.

He’s the one who wears a precious Crown,

He’s nowhere but everywhere around!

He promised me to love always,and

Help me to overcome the obstacles everyday.

He usually comes whenever I pray,

BUT I haven’t seen him,nor even a day.

Everyone knows that he’s mortal,

BUT why is he treated as an immortal!

Frames hung on the walls with garlands around,

He yells and cries to see him and listen to him sound.

Yank those frames from the walls,and

Try to fix them in your hearts.

Then you’ll understand who’s HE

Ergo,the difference between GOD AND HE !                               

                               ~Kamya Kandpal


     Fallen for you!!💗💔

{{Here’s this poem written by me for the one I loved so passionately but never received the same passion from him…😔}}

”  Just can’t control my feelings for you,                                                                Don’t know what to do.   

 I think I’ve fallen for you,                      BUT about you I’ve no clue.

Something within me throughout screams,                                                       That you love me too, but it just seems.

   The day you told me of her,                 The day did last even longer.

MY nights since then are always wet,                                                                Full of (her & your) thoughts which never set.

               I dream of you,                                     ’cause it seems so true!                                Only you and me,                                     sitting by the sea;                              kissing each other and not              bothered of what others see.   

But I know,it’s just a silly dream,        which you might have never seen!

JUST waiting & waiting for you to tell me ; that you love me, but….

Ahh! These stupid thoughts are freakin’ fancy,                                            ‘Cause you never gonna leave her and do something so chancy.             

          Gods! I wish it was me…                          “the person you Love”.                           Oh! so beautiful to see,                          “but it isn’t this Dove”

Ergo I can play none other part than the part of waiting and wishing,          ‘Cause I know that I’ll never be the one with whom you’ll play the part of kissing. ”                                                                                      ~Kamya Kandpal