Fallen for you!!💗💔

{{Here’s this poem written by me for the one I loved so passionately but never received the same passion from him…😔}}

”  Just can’t control my feelings for you,                                                                Don’t know what to do.   

 I think I’ve fallen for you,                      BUT about you I’ve no clue.

Something within me throughout screams,                                                       That you love me too, but it just seems.

   The day you told me of her,                 The day did last even longer.

MY nights since then are always wet,                                                                Full of (her & your) thoughts which never set.

               I dream of you,                                     ’cause it seems so true!                                Only you and me,                                     sitting by the sea;                              kissing each other and not              bothered of what others see.   

But I know,it’s just a silly dream,        which you might have never seen!

JUST waiting & waiting for you to tell me ; that you love me, but….

Ahh! These stupid thoughts are freakin’ fancy,                                            ‘Cause you never gonna leave her and do something so chancy.             

          Gods! I wish it was me…                          “the person you Love”.                           Oh! so beautiful to see,                          “but it isn’t this Dove”

Ergo I can play none other part than the part of waiting and wishing,          ‘Cause I know that I’ll never be the one with whom you’ll play the part of kissing. ”                                                                                      ~Kamya Kandpal


Author: kamya krick

I love writing poems and painting...

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