Who’s He!!🌍

[A short poem on God!]

 He pushes me up and curbs me down,

He lives right at the top of my Town.

He’s the one who wears a precious Crown,

He’s nowhere but everywhere around!

He promised me to love always,and

Help me to overcome the obstacles everyday.

He usually comes whenever I pray,

BUT I haven’t seen him,nor even a day.

Everyone knows that he’s mortal,

BUT why is he treated as an immortal!

Frames hung on the walls with garlands around,

He yells and cries to see him and listen to him sound.

Yank those frames from the walls,and

Try to fix them in your hearts.

Then you’ll understand who’s HE

Ergo,the difference between GOD AND HE !                               

                               ~Kamya Kandpal


Author: kamya krick

I love writing poems and painting...

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