“THE PRAYER” (FOR HER AND ONLY HER)                                          OH!God, don’t give her any PAIN,  Don’t give her any more STRAIN.

WHEN she’ll be FINE,                            She’ll thank you ALL times.

For you SAVED her life,                        But now she’s ALRIGHT!

She NEVER GAVE pain,                         But unluckily she always GETS pain. 

She has never given anyone TROUBLE,                                                  BUT now why does she has to STRUGGLE! “

‘That day seemed bright when I woke up but that brightness had set so soon,I didn’t know. Me and my Aunt were getting ready to go to school. We lived in a small,cozy and beautiful town named Nainital in India! She was a teacher in my school. WE both, ready to leave…She wearing her Sea-Green Salwaar Sute with a Dupatta which was wrapped around her neck and I was in my usual school dress.Both of us singing funny classics.Lalaala!! We then hired a Rickshaw. She and I both sat on it, next to each other. After traveling a small distance, don’t know what went wrong, her pretty Sea-Green coloured Dupatta got stuck in the whirling wheels of the Rickshaw from one of it’s ends and the part wrapped around her neck squeezed and this time even tighter and with full force. I was looking around,enjoying the nature. Then suddenly; “


I stood hurriedly and drew my gaze back to her…she was on the verge of dying!

“Shits! Stoppp the rickshaw I cried…Bhaiyaa stop! stop!”

Everyone around came running towards us. She had already fainted due to lack of oxygen and no breathing. “HAWW! IMMEDIATELY TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL! GODS!! Fast!…..” Everyone cried. BUT at that moment I was all alone. I couldn’t carry her to the hospital alone. Then I called one of my Aunts friend, ‘Sir Neeraj’ After hearing about the incident he came immediately and took my Aunt to be admitted in the hospital!! Doctor said that she would have died if the rickshaw covered a little distance more and wasn’t stopped. BUT above all she was saved! I thank god for this. SO, in the evening sitting outside the hospital, watching her camly sleeping on that bed with that big circle surrounding her neck which was full of pus and was once bleeding badly ;that ugly painful circle around her neck was a result of the excessive tightening of that Jorjet Dupatta which was wrapping her clean long neck. Sitting out there quietly,thinking of everything that had happened with us and PRAYING THE AFORESAID PRAYER FOR HER AND ONLY HER!! 

Now she’s fine in fact perfect, sitting right next to me enjoying the winter sun. And till this date she heartily thank me for saving her life.BUT I instead thank god for it!! 


Author: kamya krick

I love writing poems and painting...

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