A Passing Cloud!πŸ‘€

“I was a beautiful girl of Fifteen,         but when you entered my life,I was of Sixteen.

Before that I was so much into Myself,                                                       but now I’m into you,more than you yourself.

Earlier,there wasn’t such feeling, so hard in Me;                                          IT’s so overpowering that it leads me into the deepest sea.

The water of this sea is so very cold,                                                            Colder than the ICE and Darker than the COAL.

BUT your presence is making it turn Warm!                                               Get away or something you’ll again see me Mourn!

Why did you come in my life,I question GOD.                                         I kept up with you ’cause I trusted that you weren’t fraud.

I knew those words were all FLIRTS,  ( BECAUSE you love someone else but not me).                                                             And yeah! I’ll fly out of your life like a  Wounded Bird.

Yes, I’ll fly away,out too Far;              Out of your life among those STARS.

And I’ll steadily turn into the same old Beautiful Young Lass,                    BUT this time of SIXTEEN;                      Happily singing that you were just  a Cloud to pass ! “


Author: kamya krick

I love writing poems and painting...

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